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The nature park Biokovo

Take a panoramic drive and discover the diverse nature of the nature park Biokovo with its highest peak St. Jure, 1762 m tall. Seemingly barren, Biokovo is rich in animals and plants. The view over seaside resorts and islands, olive fields and barren land are but a few photo opportunities. A light walk to suit everyone’s abilities is available along with an expert guide. This half-day trip will reveal to you a whole new world filled with Mediterranean beauty, rich history and ongoing tradition.

Cetina river

The area around the river Cetina has a great historical and archaeological importance. Along the Cetina’s tall canyon walls a real archaeological fortune can be found: bottle-axes from the Stone Age, shields of Roman soldiers, personal items of medieval peasants and farmers and many other interesting artefacts that the archaeologists have found on this area. These findings confirm that this river has been very important for the people of this region, ever since the prehistoric period. Rafting is an adventure lasting 3 or 4 hours, but remains an unforgettable memory for lifetime. Each photo that you take along the way will remind you on this fascinating story. Many people are impressed with the beauties of the Cetina River and its canyon, and the adrenaline caused by this rafting adventure makes people come back and experience it again whenever they have some free time.

Krka National park

Krka National Park is famous for its waterfalls. Namely, these waterfalls are the biggest and the most famous waterfalls in Dalmatia. This national park is located near the city of Šibenik. With its seven calcium carbonate waterfalls and cascades and their total fall of 242 meters, Krka is an exceptional natural and karst phenomenon. Krka National Park is a spacious, largely unchanged region of exceptional and multifaceted natural value, and includes one or more preserved or insignificantly altered ecosystems and as such is a favourite destination for everyone visiting Šibenik and its surrounding. The Krka Waterfalls with the amazing Krka River and its flora and fauna remain as unforgettable memory of natural beauty to all the visitors. Besides many natural beauties, cultural and historical monuments are to be found as well. The tiny isle of Visovac and its Franciscan monastery are a symbol of this national park. Natural phenomenon of Roški slap (Roški waterfall) will leave each visitor breathless.

Neretva river

Have you ever been to some other world? If you still haven’t, then this is your chance! This trip offers a visit to one of the most preserved marshes in the world. Get on the old wooden boats, known as “trupice” and sail across the remarkable landscape of the Neretva River valley. The Neretva Delta is a completely undisturbed and protected landscape consisting of numerous marshes, lagoons and lakes which are a natural habitat of different birds, fish and other animal species. Travelling through this pearl of nature in small local rafts is an unforgettable experience for everyone. The trip also includes lunch served on a very attractive location on the river bank. A visit to Narona - the ruins of the ancient Roman city on the eastern part of the Adriatic coast and the Narona Archaeological Museum is also a part of this exceptional journey. If you love genuine and undisturbed nature full of remarkable landscapes, this is undoubtedly a perfect trip for you!


Mostar is really the town where the West meets the East and the North meets the South. This is the city of poetry, city of stone full of narrow, sleepy, crooked streets. It is the city where a traveller arriving from North can feel the Mediterranean air mixed with citrus and sea scents, whereas for the traveller coming from the South, it is the perfect place to experience the mainland. Mostar is an extraordinary city because of its architecture and monuments which have been harmonically placed and fitted into the area throughout centuries. It has a great geographical position and good climate. In Mostar you can visit Old Bazaar, Turkish dwellings (Ottoman Residences) and numerous old mosques. You will be offered a complete sightseeing tour with a local guide. Furthermore, you will be given a chance to experience and enjoy the city on your own, by walking through interesting streets full of famous craft shops. You can also taste traditional dishes in local restaurants and snack bars.


Međugorje is a unique phenomenon in today’s world. It is believed that Our Lady, the Oueen of Peace, appeared to the group of children in 1981. Thanks to these apparitions, this small village has become one of the most visited pilgrimage places and one of the biggest prayer and reconciliation centres in the whole world. There are numerous testimonies of people saying that they have found their faith and peace right here in Međugorje.

The island of Hvar

The island of Hvar, known as the King among Dalmatian islands, has been famous for its important strategic and nautical position, for its rich history and inheritance, cultural and natural monuments and its literature ever since Antique. Due to its mild climate, gentle winters and warm summers, Hvar has welcomed numerous guests, scientists and travellers who came there attracted by its splendid Mediterranean nature, rich tradition and exciting nightlife. Today Hvar is considered to be one of ten most beautiful islands in the world. Insular isolation and separation from the coast is sometimes considered to be an obstacle or even disadvantage, but it also provides a perfect shelter from urban, industrial life, traffic jams and other unpleasant things and situations that come as a product of modern civilization. On this island you will find spacious lavender fields, ancient olive trees and numerous vineyards. You will certainly enjoy in the unique harmony between man and nature.


If you’re looking for paradise on earth, come to Dubrovnik. By George Bernard Shaw This daytrip will reveal you the most beautiful places in the Old Town and you can enjoy the panoramic view from the hill. A walking tour includes sightseeing, such as visits to Dominican Monastery and Church famous for its art collection of medieval paintings and other different artworks. You can also visit the Cathedral with its famous treasury. Our expert guide will take you through narrow streets of the Old Town of Dubrovnik and introduce you to history and culture of this magnificent city. You will also be able to see all other famous and important monuments and buildings along the way. Dubrovnik is really the pearl of the Adriatic – find out why!

The island of Korčula

Marco Polo’s heritage is owned by everyone. Many before him had altered the geography maps but Marco Polo changed history. And Korčula is his birthplace. The island of Korčula enjoys a special place among the Croatian islands. It may be because of the intertwined legends, stories and histories associated with it. Many of its inhabitants – carvers, shipbuilders and sailors – have left their traces somewhere in the world, but nowhere in such an amount as on their home island. Take a stroll through narrow streets, beautiful churches and palaces in one of the best preserved medieval towns in the Mediterranean. Our city walk will take you to the cathedral and the Bishop’s palace.

The island of Brač

The island of Brač is the largest of the Dalmatian islands and the third biggest in the Adriatic. It’s got 352 m2 of land and the population of 14, 000. The channel of Brač is what keeps it away from the mainland and to the north, the gate of Split is what keeps it away from the island of Šolta. To the south-west is the island of Hvar and the channel of Hvar. The highest point of the island of Brač is Vidova Gora, 778 m tall, which is also the highest peak among the islands in the Adriatic. The most popular place to visit on the island of Brač is Bol with its famous beach Zlatni Rat.